Create a Project

To create a new project follow these steps. Note that the 'Projects' Tab may have a different name, depending on the title assigned in the Application Manager. 

Click on the 'Projects' tab to go to the Projects screen
1: Select  New Project’ and 2: select a project type/template (as created in the Template builder).

The project template defines the modules, phases and permissions of a project.


3: Project Tabs allow the user to enter project details. All these details are configurable to suit your needs.


Complete the details for the different tabs available - here you can see we have three tabs, 'General', 'Brief Details' and 'Workflow'.

The tabs and forms available are defined in the template you have selected. Example fields are shown here. These can be made mandatory and if this is enabled you will need to complete them to submit your project.

  • Project Name indicates the name the project can be identified from.
  • Project Number indicates the number the project can be identified from. This can be configured to automatically increment or manually added.
  • Project Description allows for a brief description of the project.
  • Start date and End date allow for the visibility of the project.
  • Status defines the current status of the project e.g. Completed, Active, On Hold.
  • Colour code allows the user to create a colour code for the Project or Project types.
  • Symbol allows the user to have a symbol associated with the project
  • Notify users allows for an email notification to be sent at the end of project creation.

The 'Brief Details' or 'Project Details' tab generally contains a bit more information regarding type of project, brand details and what the next steps are in the project. Again, this is entirely configurable in the template.

Some projects may have a 'Team' tab. This tab allows for the assignment of access rights to users of a project. Access rights include 'View', 'Edit' or 'Admin'.

  • Users with 'View' access can view all content.
  • Users with 'Edit' access can view and edit all content.
  • Users with 'Admin' access can view and edit all content but can also edit project details and the project team.

This can be amended during any stage of the project if a team member’s access rights change or they leave the project.

We can also add a 'Workflow' tab. This allows the user to define when the phases of the project are to be completed, defining stage gates for example.

(See documentation on the Form Builder for custom tabs)

When you completed the details required select ‘Submit’ to create a new project or select 'Save as Draft' to save and finish later. 'Submit as Pipeline' allows for direct pipeline project creation

Note : Save as Draft and Submit as Pipeline are only available where configured.

Creating a project using a project request workflow:

Alternatively, a project can be created by going to the 'Briefs' list. Note that this may be given any label. This is a form list containing all project request forms. Filter on the correct project type (if there are more than one) and select the 'Create New' button


Complete the form and click on 'Submit'. Details in the form will be pre-populated into the fields in the list and the submitted form is sent on a workflow.

The Workflow Status column shows what step of the workflow the form is at, and the dropdown list shows what workflow actions are available to the user.

Once the project request is approved in the workflow, it will appear in the Project list.

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