Project Overview

The 'Projects' section displays all active projects to which the user has access rights. The Projects List displays columns of project data as defined at system setup. You can configure the section to control who has access to which projects and also what information in each project you would like to see in the list view. Once you have selected this information there are also more options on how this is displayed. When creating projects you can define which templates are available to which users. All information is available for export if needed. Here is an overview of a sample Project portfolio:

Features of the Project Portfolio view:


1: Search Content – The free text field allows the user to filter by project title.

2. Excel Export - Allows a project list to be exported to an Excel document. List filters are carried across into the exported Excel

3: Show Pipeline Projects - Display projects still in pipeline status. Note: This is configurable so may or may not be visible depending on system set-up.

4: Filter - Click on the Filter button to view new display/filter options

5. New Project - Create a new project

6. Project Type - Filter based on Project type

7. Project Status - Filter the projects by 'All' or other statuses as defined at system setup.

8. View My Projects – Filters the list of projects displaying only projects where the user has edit or admin access rights.

9. My Favorites – Show/hide projects marked as Favorites

10. Change view – Projects can be viewed by Basic, Progress, Phase, 3/6/12 months or as defined at system setup.

11.  Sort & Filter- Click on the dropdown arrow of the column you wish to search to organise to either sort the list in alphabetical/numerical order or filter for a project using a text filter or the list.

If the field is a date field, filter on Start Date. The 'Filter by Date Range' enables users to enter a date under the 'From' and 'To' options to refine the number of projects brought back in the project list. It is also possible to enter one parameter when filtering by date range.


Users can save filters they frequently use so that they:

  • Can control exactly what appears in their views
  • Don’t have to recreate them every time they want to use them
  • Can open filtered views without waiting for a standard view to load


Once a manual filter is applied, users have the option to save the filter and give it a name. This will then appear in a dropdown at the top of the list and be available for selection by that user when needed.








Dropdown Menu Options

  • Click on 'Edit' to edit a project
  • Click 'Open in new tab' to open the project in a new tab
  • Click 'Information' for an overview of the project details
  • Click 'Favorite' to add the project to the Favorites list
  • Click 'Make child of' to make the project a sub-project of another. To undo this, select 'Move to Root'

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