Viewing A Project

If you select a project from the project list you will see the content. Any project's content depends on what options have been set up in the template. The basic options include:

1. Project Title
2. Project Modules. These modules can be configured in the Template Builder to be present or not within projects. More info on the modules is available in the Project Modules section.
3. Project stage-gates/phases
4. Version history - Allows user to access different historical versions of the project
5. Project tabs allow users to view project details
6. Project information
7. Allows the user to update project details and save as a new version



Projects consist of modules on the left hand side that are defined in the project template. The Modules section will cover all of the modules that can be present within a project: Activity Log, Info, Notes, Forms, Subs, Tasks, Files, Team, Meetings, Planner, Channel and Budget.

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