Quick Start Guide

The Screendragon system consists of a number of core modules:


The dashboard is a place to view all of your key data and metrics by adding customizable widgets. It is the main 'landing page' of your system. It allows you to access the data you want quickly from a centralized screen.

Learn more about the dashboard with our Dashboard Tour


Access your projects, view status info and easily initiate new projects in the Projects section. Projects are where you manage all of your work. It is a central location for your documents, tasks and workflows as well as where you manage all of your resources and budgets.

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Workboxes are top-level containers to store all of your files and assets. Files sections can be in a project but these workboxes allow you to collaborate outside the project. Managing folders, file versioning, annotating, sharing files internally or externally are some of the features of the Workbox.

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Libraries are the ideal place to showcase finalized assets and knowledge. Content is organized and displayed in intuitive digital galleries. Advanced meta data and search capability allow you to discover and download content.

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As well as comprehensive system reports for things like resourcing, timesheets and schedules, you can also build your own customizable reports with our powerful Reports builder. Get access to hundreds of fields and intuitive filtering functionality to ensure the reports give you the data you need.

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Resource Planner

Make the most of your team’s resources with the Resource Planner. Schedule and assign work, manage capacity, identify bottlenecks all in this easy-to-use section. The Resource Planner provides an overview of the past, current and future activities of all users in the system.

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Knowing the people on your team is always a crucial part of any business. This section has the entire team in one directory and allows you to see all team members and what roles they have. Searching and filtering allows you to find the right person quickly.

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Managing resources and associated costs is a crucial of getting your projects completed in budget. Timesheets is an area where each team member can enter and track their hours and assign to different projects or events.

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When tasks are not sufficient for more advanced processes, then workflows are the perfect solution. Passing through a sequence of steps, a workflow is assigned to different stakeholders with different statuses and required actions. Workflows have been proven to cater for the most complex business use cases.

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Admin Section

The Administrator Tools section consists of multiple different admin areas depending on the system setup and the tools required.

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