Quick Start Guide

Screendragon consists of a number of core modules:


The dashboard is the main 'landing page' of your system.

Learn more about the Dashboard


Access your projects, view status info and easily initiate new projects.

Learn more about Projects


Use Workboxes to collaborate outside of a project. Share files with groups internally and externally

Learn how to Create a Workbox


Finalized assets and knowledge organized and displayed in intuitive digital galleries. Use meta data and search to discover and download content.

Learn more about the Library


Drag & drop data fields to create reports. Use rules and filters to narrow down the information you want.

Learn more about Reports

Resource Planner

The Resource Planner provides an overview of the past, current and future activities of all users in the system.

Learn more about the Resource Planner


The entire team in one directory with a custom profile cards for each. Search by name or filter the list by role, location, expertise…

Learn more about People


Timesheets allow users to log hours against projects or events.

Learn more about Timesheets


A workflow is a sequence of steps through which a form or an asset passes from initiation to completion.

Learn more about Workflows

Admin Section

The Administrator Tools section consists of multiple different admin areas depending on the system setup and the tools required.

Learn more about the Admintools