Running through the steps to create a Sample Report

To begin creating your report click 'Create A New Report' on your reports tab.

You will be given options for the type of report you would like - this defines where the information is coming from in the report columns that are the basis of your report.

For the purpose of this example we will create a report based on Projects.

On the 'Report Details' page you populate the name of your Report and a brief description. The 'Sub-Category' section allows you to refine the meta-data you used in your search (See Form Builder for more). Finally, you choose who you want to share the report with. The report will show in their reports section on log in.

The second section to be completed is the 'Columns'. This is where you choose what data you want to be included in your Report.

As you choose what fields to run the report on, the fields appear listed across the top of the screen. Their order can be adjusted by dragging and dropping them. They are added to the report by clicking on them in the left hand side list and then '+Add Column'.

The data list you have to choose from will change depending on the report type you initially chose (e.g... Projects, Tasks, Workflow).

The 'Order' tab can be selected to determine how your Report is displayed. Above I have selected to arrange the 'Name' of the Project alphabetically in an 'Ascending' order. I have added 'Project Type' as a field and selected 'Pie Chart' as the Summary Chart.

Finally, the 'Filters and Grouping' tab allows you to refine the data and how it is shown.

You can only filter data that has been chosen as a Column

To refine this report to show only Projects created since Jan 1st 2019, I select 'Start Date' and 'Add Filter'. I set it to 'Is' and 'After' and 01 Jan 2019'. This will ensure I will only be shown all Projects where the 'Start Date Is After 01 Jan 2019'.

You can also add additional rules by selecting '+ Add Rule' which will add a secondary rule to the same filter. This would allow you, in the scenario here to select 'Start Date Is Not After 01 May 2019' meaning now you will retrieve projects that were started after 01 Jan but before 02 May.

Grouping is used to display your Report in 'Groups. Select the field you want to group and click on 'Set Grouping'. For this Report I will group the results by 'Project Status' (Active, Cancelled & Complete). The two grouping options are to 'Show All Rows' or 'Show Group Titles only'. Show All Rows will show me each Project grouped by its status, 'Show Group Titles only' will give me the project status (title) and the number of projects that fall into that category. e.g. (Active - 27)

To see your Report at any time when building it you can hit 'Preview'

You can now save the report and it will show in your Report lists. Your Project can be actioned from here. See Reports Overview for more.

The resulting report will show both the Pie Chart info requested and the Project list grouped according to status.