Reports Overview

Reports Overview

On your Reports page you will find all reporting information within the full system in one place.

The approach to Reports is to ensure that you can build a report mixing data from any tables within your instance. E.g. User Profile + Project Information.


  1. My Reports The following report types that you have access to appear here. See more here.
  • Document
  • Form
  • Project
  • Task
  • User
  • Workflow

For more information on each type of Report, click here.

  1. My Queued Reports This opens a simple list of the users currently queued/active reports.
  2. Report Builder This is where you build your reports. See more here.
  3. Export Reports This is where you can export Timesheet reports that you have access to. See more here.
  4. Resource Reports All reports from the Resource Planner appear here.
  5. Timesheet Reports All Timesheet Reports appear here. See more here.
  6. System Reports All System Reports appear here. System reports are hard coded reports created on a per system basis. Please contact the site owner for more details.

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