Reports - Overview

On your Reports page you will find all reports that you have created, as well as any others that you have been given access to.

1. Saved Report Names
2. Filter List This search box is used to filter through your portfolio of reports.
3. Filter buttons to refine reports by Author, Title, Type etc
4. System Reports displays a list of system reports only
5. Reports Actions:

  • Edit Report: This allows you to change the data your report draws as well as its name and description and who it is shared with. See more in Creating Reports
  • Clone Report: Users with Report Edit permissions or above can now clone a report directly from the Report List. Users that clone a report will become an admin of the newly cloned report
  • Export to Excel: This exports your report to excel for easy reporting.
  • Flag as a Favourite: - Bookmark a frequently used report by flagging it as a ‘favourite’. Filters can be used then to only display bookmarked reports.

6. Create a New Report See more in Creating Reports