Create a Booking

In the top right of the screen, you will see the “Add Booking” button. Select this and then from the dropdown list, select either the first option – “Add a new booking to table” for any ad hoc project work, or another event option such as Annual leave or Training etc.


  1. If you select “Add a new booking to table” you will be presented with a dialog box to add the required details.


      1. Add the details for your booking. Some fields are mandatory to ensure the booking is linked to a project.
      2. The 'More Options' button allows you to show project filters, show the full user list and send an email to the assigned users.
      3. Click 'Save' and the event will be listed in the Planner on the selected days for the designated Users.


  1. Custom event bookings such as Jury Duty, Annual Leave etc. are colour coded on the Resource Planner. These events are created in the Resource Manager admin tool.

6. Events can also be added directly from the calendar view by clicking and dragging across selected days for a selected User and the “Add Booking” dialog will open. In this way the dates and user will be already entered in the Event dialog.


7. The Planner will show a User’s day with a red, green or amber colour.

  • If the event exceeds the User’s hours of availability, the event will be highlighted red.
  • If the event equals the User’s hours of availability, the event will be highlighted green.
  • If the event is less than the User’s availability, the event will be highlighted orange.


The User days / hours available are set in the User Manager in the Admintools section:

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