Overview of Resource Planner

The Resource Planner provides an overview of the past, current and future activities of all users in the system. Application of the tools diverse functionality allows for further auditing through running reports and monitoring of individual timesheets.

  1. Filter – Filter by Role or Individual Name to return the users or group you need to focus on. Filters allow you to filter right down to the info you need and save the filter for future use
  2. Projects/Resources - Choose the Resource view (above) or Project view (below)
  3. Saved Filter - Select from the dropdown menu of saved filters and views (Resource Booking View, Capacity Hours, Capacity View%)
  4. All Pipelines switch - Show/Hide pipeline projects
  5. Refresh Bookings - Refresh the view to check if changes have been made since the initial loading of the Resource Planner
  6. The date box allows the user to select a particular time frame to view.
  7. Move the calendar along by a certain time frame.
  8. Export – Export info to an excel or PDF format.
  9. Change view – one touch scroll forward or back in time. Display 1, 2 or 4 weeks. Or view by Weekly/Monthly capacity.
  10. Add Booking – Setup categories for quick addition of regular events such as vacations, training, Sick Leave.


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