A User's Role can be defined in their Profile using the Admintools – User Management tool.


We can see all the roles using the LHS tab “Resources”:


It is possible here to assign a tentative booking for a role. This will show in the planner and can be assigned to individuals at a later date:


By editing the tentative booking we can assign the role


Alternatively, click and drag the tentative booking to a particular user to assign that task to them.


Use the Filter buttons to show/hide Roles and Resources on the Resource Planner.

Use the Project filters to filter on Project Bookings, Pipeline Bookings or Booking Types

Use the Profile filters to filter by Project Team, Groups, Role etc.

Multiple filters can be saved for future use.

When you save a filter a popup appears to give the filter a name- this is mandatory:

Once saved, a user will see the filter in a list at the bottom of the filter options list

Clicking on a filter will apply and load the filter. This saved filter list is specific to each user. You can delete filters from the list and also share filters with other users.

Variants of a Role

All variants of a role are collated by default. The Show/Hide Role Variants button allows you to hide/expand all variants of a role as needed.


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