Each user can fill out their timesheet detailing what projects they have worked on and how much time they spent on each project.

To access the timesheet application:

Click on the 'User profile' dropdown menu and select 'Timesheets'



The following Timesheets window will open:


1. Choose the date for which you want to complete the timesheet. The 'forward' and 'back' arrows at the top of the window can be used to view the previous week or the following week.

2. Select a project to add to the timesheet.

3. Select an event to add to the timesheet.

4. Select 'Copy' to copy a previously completed timesheet.

5. Click the 'View History' button to expand the Timesheet History. This tracks the saved, submitted and approved/rejected date and time for each timesheet.

6. Click into a cell to add hours

7. Click to add notes for each day

8. Click 'Save' to save all updates made.

9. The 'Submit' button does not initiate any workflow but provides a way to mark time as submitted. A user cannot submit their timesheet unless they have inputted their FTE.

10. Click on the breadcrumb icon to delete the timesheet entry

11. The Billable icon shows whether the timesheet entry is billable or non-billable


When adding a new project (or event), you can search for projects, filter by project type or choose from 'Recently Added' projects:


Users with approval permissions will see more options in the User Profile dropdown menu:




Approve Timesheets - Click here to approve individual timesheets