Screendragon & WPP

A strategic software partner for leading agencies worldwide


What is Screendragon?

The most powerful agency management solution; integrating projects, people, budgets and content in one single source of truth.

Resource management with advanced AI to optimize talent casting.

Real-time budget tracking with ERP integrations.

Visual project health dashboards.

Personalized client collaboration portals with approval workflows.

Proven to work with small as well as large teams within WPP agencies.

A single platform – one source of truth

David Clayton
Technology Strategy Partner, Code Worldwide

"An easy company to do business with, expert implementation practitioners and a great product."
Deanna A
Senior Director, Strategy, Interband

"Better organization, resource and financial planning "
"It's an off the shelf system, but had great flexibility to build for our workflow needs. So, the learning curve to use it will be lower"
Jillian U.

"Flexible, amazing platform, easy to work with..."
"I like how Screendragon customizes its platform to meet its client's exact needs. They don't shy away from a challenge and work until their client is happy with the end result. Their platform looks great and is incredibly useful. It will save my team so much time and has set a new standard for work and organization."
Administrator in Marketing & Advertising

"Great all in one scoping, pricing, project management, library and project finance review system"
"Really helpful implementation and support team, and the system is fairly flexible to meet our individual needs rather than just being off-the-shelf. Screendragon has allowed us to better understand our servicing and better manage people resources."

What are the benefits of choosing Screendragon as a WPP agency?

1. Expertise of WPP security and SSO policies. 

2. Fast track implementation process with dedicated Screendragon WPP team.

3. Ongoing software updates including new features requested by WPP agencies.

How does Screendragon compare?

G2 Current Satisfaction Ratings:

Ease of Use 9.1 7.9 8.4 8.1
Ease of Admin 8.8 8.0 8.6 8.3
Ease of Setup 7.9 7.0 8.5 7.8
Quality of Support 9.5 8.2 8.5 8.4
Meets Requirements 9.2 8.5 8.6 8.5
Ease of doing business with 9.8 8.5 8.7 8.4
Product Direction (% Positive) 10 8.1 8.0 8.3

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